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Aladdin’s Gold Casino Review

Aladdin’s Gold CasinoWhen you find a good thing, you never can get enough of it.  We received an email talking about a new casino called Aladdin’s Gold.  After going to the site and reading a little into it, we found out that this new casino is operated by the Club World Group!  Now, we all know that CWC is well known for their excellent customer service, ongoing special bonuses, fast payouts and more.  So, how does Aladdin’s Goldstand up?  Let’s find out a little of the basics.

The signup bonus at Aladdin’s Gold Casino is a nice 150%.  That’s a good start, as it gives players the opportunity to have a decent amount to play with throughout the casino.  The promotions team seems to have been diligent on finding incentives to keep players coming back for more.  They offer weekly bonuses so there is something every day of the week for their players.  There are also special bonuses that are sent out via email.  Everyone loves to stretch their dollar as far as they can especially with the economy being the way it is.

Comps start accumulating automatically for every player.  There is no need to even sign up for a different account to collect comps.  Every bet earns comp points!  Comp points can be redeemed instantly in the cashier area once you’ve accumulated over 100 points.  Double comp points are accumulated for play on progressive jackpot games!  The comp point redemption is $1.00 for every 100 comp points.

Speaking of bonuses and comps, let’s move on to the cashier.  Aladdin’s Gold Casino offers quite a few options to deposit and withdrawal.  Each is clearly displayed on the site along with the time allotment for each.  Offering this many deposit and withdrawal options is really good especially for the players that reside in the United States.  Yes, Aladdin’s Gold DOES accept players from the United States!

Withdrawing is easy and the processing time does not normally exceed 48 hours.  That’s a pretty fast turnaround.  Of course, it might also be quicker than that!  Most of the withdrawal methods offered are credited instantly after the processing period.

Aladdin’s Gold is powered by RTG Software.  The games preview on the site does not do justice to the amount of games available.  They offer a flash casino and a download casino.  The download casino has more games than the flash version so it’s recommended to download the casino shell for the most variety of play.  With a wide range of table games, card games, keno, bingo and slots, you will definitely find a favorite!  The casino offers all the latest games made available from the RTG suite of games.  The games are added to the casino shell just as soon as they are released.  That means that this casino does have more games than the other casinos powered by RTG.  Of course the exception to that are the other casinos in the Club World Group!
One of our favorite things with playing the slots at Aladdin’s Gold Casino is that they have higher jackpots and more variety in the slots that you can actually hit one of those! In our opinion, they are following right in the same footsteps of their predecessors – the Club World Group.

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BlackJack Strategy #1

Playing blackjack or 21 is very fashionable amidst card players. Strategy in blackjack is one of the primary reasons for this. Strategy is crucial with any game you play, and it’s the same with this game. Certain individuals will measure the responses on the faces of other players to help them in choosing whether to stay in or fold. That is more likely with poker than blackjack or 21. This is due to the fact that you’re not competing against the other players at your blackjack table, only with the dealer. But you can measure the chances that they have gotten the cards that you want to win with.

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There are a lot of fool-proof ways to come up with a strategy with blackjack and it will all be dependent upon the house rules. The number of decks used in the game is one aspect of the rules. In actuality, the usual is six decks at one time. Plus, are you playing the European style or the United States style? Will it be peek, or not? Are the house regulations to play soft seventeen or dealer stays?

The answers to these questions are crucial to developing a winning blackjack strategy. Next, we will go over some of these you can use to your advantage. Having the dealer standing on a soft seventeen, the house has a forty-four percent advantage over the gambler. If you don’t have the knowledge or skills, you may not be able to overcome this. Knowing the arrangements and when to split the deck is critical. A dealer can play several hands at once and you can too. Playing multiple hands increases your odds of winning significantly! This is because when more cards are played on the table, there are better odds that the good cards, particularly the aces and face cards, will come into play. Keep in mind, while they have a forty-four percent advantage, yours is fifty-six percent. Even with six decks, however, the blackjack odds are still risky. Six decks means there are at least 300 cards being used to play.

You’ll have to weigh your moves thoroughly, since a dealer can stay on seventeen, but they’ll have to keep playing the hand if you’re over seventeen and they aren’t. The biggest goal is for them to win and for you only to win often enough to make you stay at the table and keep playing blackjack. Bear in mind, the casino doesn’t make money if everyone wins all the time. Be sure that you’re only wagering with a sum which you can afford to lose, that won’t put your finances, your home or your loved ones in jeopardy. A lot of individuals have gotten hooked on playing cards in an all consuming and dangerous way. This can be dangerous and actually destroy marriages, careers and bank accounts! Use caution and if you need assistance, go ahead and look for help. This blackjack game involves chance, just like any other.

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BlackJack Strategy #2